Boys & Girls - 5 & Up

GIRLS 5 & up

Eagles' Girls Gymnastics program for girls age 5 yrs+ is designed to challenge students while promoting confidence and self-esteem. Gymnastic develops girls' flexibility, strength, agility and overall fitness.  Research shows that children who participate in gymnastics at a young age are more proficient at other sports!

Eagles classes are divided into levels--all beginners start at Level 1 regardless of age and then progress through the levels by mastering the skills in each level. The gymnast's progress is recorded on a skill tree – when the skill tree is completed, the child moves on to the next level. Classes consist of all the Olympic Events, Vault, Bars, Beam and Floor as well as Trampoline and Dance.  Games and Activities for fitness are also included!

All of our girls are invited to compete in our Eagles Club Classic Meets which are fun meets set up in our own gym with Eagles' coaches as the judges.  The girls learn the routines in class and then show them off at the meet where all the participants receive ribbons for each event and medals if they compete all around!

Girls older than 8 yrs + are welcome to sign up for the 8 year+ levels classes.

What to wear: Girls are required to wear a leotard. Non baggy shorts may be worn over the leotard.  

BOYS 5 & Up

Eagles'  Boys Gym & Strength Classes  are specifically designed for boys 5 yrs old +. Classes are loaded with fast paced drills to develop speed, quickness, strength and agility. We work on all those basics that will make them faster on the basketball court, able to swing for the fence on the baseball diamond and work the quick twitch muscles for soccer and track!

What to wear: Boys, t-shirts and athletic shorts are recommended.

Tumbling for Girls & Boys

Eagles' Trampoline & Tumbling classes are for boys & girls age 7 +.  This program trains students on tumbling skills using the spring floor and trampolines and does not include any equipment training. Tumbling develops a student's flexibility, agility, strength and overall fitness.  Tumbling skills are also helpful to those pursuing cheerleading.  To attend the Intermediate level, a good cartwheel and somersault is required.  

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