"Eagles is where champions earn their wings. The best gymnastic coaches in the Midwest."


"We love watching our daughter and her class learn, play and laugh together!"

"I love gymnastics because you are learning but having fun and your friends support you!! I wish that I could go to gymnastics every day!!! PS Eagles gymnastics is the best gymnastics place in the whole world."

"Eagles is great because the kids actually learn gymnastics in a setting that makes it fun and really keeps them motivated!  They use lots of fun games and silly songs to keep the kids moving and happy!"


"We have loved our time at Eagles. We had been at another local gymnastics program, and our daughter had different teacher/coaches every week. At Eagles, I know the coaches, they know my daughter, and she's always safely supervised!"


"We found Eagles to be a place of warm, caring human relationships. Coaches and staff are approachable for all questions and concerns, along with being knowledgeable and caring. We love Eagles. It was the perfect place for our daughter to excel in the gym and taught her many life skills and lessons she will use for the rest of her life. Even though we are finished with gymnastics, we still consider Eagles a part of our family."


"We have attended classes at Eagles off and on for the past 15 1/2 years. We have participated in all kinds of classes: boys and girls, little kids fun, young kids sort of competitive, and even upper level USAG competitive teams. My kids have always had valuable and fun and safe experiences that have positively impacted their lives outside of Eagles. The coaches and staff are professional and caring. They take the time to get to know your child and your family and help you achieve goals. You will be so happy if you choose to make Eagles a part of your child's life. Gymnastics helps all future sports and even their ability to be confident kids outside of the gym!"


"I absolutely love the coaches . They are so kind and they always push me to be better. I also love the gym it is so big and roomy! I go 3-4 hours a week and I love it sooo much. The coaches are always helping/spotting me and they always point out things to work on. That is why I love Eagles!"

-A.H. (Student)

"This is a GREAT and welcoming Center, we went ahead and signed up for additional classes on top of our Groupon, I am a former gymnastics coach and was hesitant to go back to a gym, but my son wanted to so badly. This is a great location and I HIGHLY recommend to anyone, starting out or on a competitive level."
-Groupon user

"All if my children have filtered through the Eagles program I even have a State Champion...the coaches are amazing!!"


"I love the teachers, I love doing cartwheels and bars. Eagles is a fun place. Free time is fun. Everything is fun, the beams, the rope, the pit, bridges, handstands, pullovers, the trampoline, skipping, running, bear walks, and the snacks in the machine are really good."

-G. (Student)

"LOVE Eagles! I've been a part of the Eagles family and programming in one way or another for over 20 years now (most recently for their awesome 2015 summer camp!). Great facility and equipment. Friendly and knowledgable staff. Excellent coaching and instruction in gymnastics and dance. Eagles is top notch."


"I have been a part of the Eagles family since I was 2 and now daughter is a part of this family. From the front desk, to coaches, to the facility this is a A+++++ gymnastics club! I have always been nothing but impressed with Eagles."


"When my child wants to go and is so warmly welcomed, I'd suggest any parent make the investment, if even for nothing but your child's sake."


"What I love about Eagles is all of the kind teachers. They always help me learn."

-S.A. (Student)