1. How young do kids start to take classes at Eagles?
Eagles has classes for as young as 12 months! At 12 months, children start with our Parent & Tot classes.  Children age 2-5 years take classes in our Mighty Munchkin program. At age 5 girls can go into our Levels program and boys go into Boys Gym & Strength classes.  At age 5, boys and girls also have the option of taking Trampoline and Tumbling classes.

2. Can my friend who doesn't attend classes at Eagles come to Open Gym?
Yes! Friends and members of the public are more than welcome to attend Open Gyms or MEGA Open Gyms! We just need a release signed by their parent or legal guardian to participate.  You do need to sign up ahead as we only have so many slots and we DO NOT allow walk-ins.

3. If I sign up for classes, do I have to pay for a long session?
No! Eagles class fees are month-to-month so you are only required to pay for one month at a time. For your convenience, you do not have to "sign up" each month - we assume you are continuing in your current class until you notify us otherwise.

4. Do you offer trial classes?
Yes!  We are happy to let your child "TRY IT BEFORE YOU BUY IT" - your child can take ONE trial class before deciding whether to sign up for classes. If you do, you will pay for that trial class along with your other class fees.

5.  What benefits does my membership fee give me?
By being an Eagles member, you get a discounted member price on our Open Gyms & Mega Open Gym's.

6. Can I change class times whenever I want?
Yes!  You do not need to wait for a new month to change classes.  Just call the office to find out if  there is availability in the class time you are interested in.

7. Does Eagles do Birthday Parties?
Yes!  Eagles is well known for their awesome birthday parties! They are held on Saturday afternoons. 

8. Do you prorate a month in which I miss some classes?
We only prorate the very first month you sign up, after that when you miss classes you can either come to Open Gym for free or call the office and arrange to attend another class for your makeup within 30 days of the absence.

9. Can my child take more than once a week?
Yes!  In fact, taking more than once a week helps your child improve and develop strength at a much faster rate.  Also you get a price break on second and third classes!

10. How do we know if you are closed due to snow?
We post snow closings on our Facebook page, here on our website and through our App.

11. Do we make-up when there is a holiday or scheduled day off?
No.  When  we set our schedule for the year, we take any breaks or days off into account so that every class day will get an average of 4 classes a month. Some months you may get 5 classes (which we don't charge extra for) and some months you may get 3 classes, but all class days end up with an average of 4.

12. If I refer somebody to Eagles, do I get a referral reward?
Yes!  If you are currently in classes and you refer a friend that signs their child up for class, you will get a $20 credit on your account to be applied to the following month's tuition.  The referral fee is per family, in other words, if the family you refer signs up 2 kids, you earn just one referral reward of $20.  However, there is no limit to how many referral fees you can earn - so keep spreading the word about Eagles!

13. What are my options for paying my fees?
    All tuition goes through our Auto-Pay system. Easy & Convenient we make our auto-pay a breeze! 

15. How does my child get invited to the more advanced programs?
The coaches for the more advanced programs like Hot Shots, Stars, Shooting Stars, Mini Stars and Xcel will give you an invitation when they feel your child is ready to enter the program.  In general, students that take more than once a week and attend Open Gyms will progress more quickly and be more likely to earn a spot in these programs.

16. How can I help my child progress more quickly?
There are many ways to increase your child's strength and skills more quickly. Adding a second (or third) class time develops muscles and the repetition of the gymnastic skills ensures that skills will be acquired more quickly.  Open Gym is also a great way to get in an additional practice time - one in which the student can build strength but also work on particular skills that they are wanting to master.  This is a great opportunity to get a more personalized practice on gymnastic skills.

17. Can we make up if we miss a class?
Yes!  You can do a make-up class up to 30 days after the absence as long as you are enrolled or you can come to an Open Gym for free as a make-up. You may schedule your make-up with your make-up token here on our website through the parent portal or though our convenient app. Please do not just show up to another class time, if the class you want to attend is full, we cannot let you do a make-up in that class.  Make ups may NOT be used to "pay" for a month's tuition.

 18. Can my school, scout troop, girl scout troop, club have an event or field trip at Eagles?
Yes! Eagles would love to host your group!  We can offer many different types of field trips - themed or not, organized games or open gym time, and more.  Call the office or see the link on this site for more info.

19. Are you hiring?
We are always looking for friendly, upbeat, energetic people to coach gymnastics!  Please email Haley for more information EaglesHaleyS@gmail.com. 

20. Am I automatically enrolled each month, or do I need to call and sign up each time?
Once you have started attending Eagles, we assume you want to keep that class time unless you tell us you  are dropping. So you do not need to "sign up" each month. To drop a class, you must notify us via email or through your account online by the 10th of the month prior to the month you wish to drop (ex, to drop for May, you must notify us via email or through your account online by the 10th of April). Please be aware, that when you drop, your class spot is offered to other students so when you wish to resume, you will need to call to see what is available since your spot may have been filled while you were not attending.

21. What do my kids need to wear to their class?
Girls need to wear a leotard and go barefoot. We also ask that they do not wear any jewelry and that their hair is pulled back in a pony tail or bun.  Boys need to wear a tee-shirt and gym shorts - nothing with buttons or zippers. Boys also go barefoot.

22.What are your hours?
Someone is in the office ready to help you at these times:
Monday -Thursday 12pm-8:00pm