Dance Fusion!



Classes are taught by Kim Generally - known to us at Eagles as Kim Silvey from when she was a gymnast at Eagles Gymnastics!

Kim previously taught dance at Eagles in 1999 while earning her dance degree from KU, dancing with the University Dance Company and traveling to summer dance intensives.  After college, she relocated to the Lake of the Ozarks with her husband Justin where in 2003, she opened a dance studio in Osage Beach, MO. When she moved back to Kansas City with her husband and two children and enrolled her daughter in classes here, Eagles took the opportunity to ask if she would develop a dance program for us!  We're very glad she said yes!

Here's Kim's fabulous philosophy of dance:

"How is great dance education developed…it is nurtured, encouraged, and supported. Given room to grow and blossom into the passion it is today. These are the keys to the future generations of dancers. One of our missions is to ensure that the traditions of dance and movement are sustained and carried on through exposure, celebration, education and training. We are committed to bringing the finest in classic and contemporary dance to Eagles! My purpose is to express the highest  standards of artistry through dance which reflects the beauty, vitality and humanity of dance, and to demonstrate that 'dance belongs to everyone.' With over 25 years of dance experience,15 years of dedicated teaching, and a BA in Dance, I know  how to provide a fun and memorable experience for your dancer.

I want to ensure that your dancer comes away from Dance Fusion with a sense of accomplishment. I can help them celebrate their strengths and advise them on how to work through their weaknesses. I recognize their love of dance and their need to feel secure in a new and challenging environment while providing a welcoming atmosphere as they learn. Here will they discover the diversity of styles I offer and the enjoyment that comes from DANCE!"